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How Solar Works

(1) Free Consultation(2) Proposal & Solution(3) Design & Engineering(4) Service Installation(5) Enjoy Your New System!

How Much Money Will You Save?

Send us a copy of your electric bill to get an estimate of how much you will save by going solar!

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Free Consultation

Our staff will analyze the particular profile of your home and inform you of the best service plans and rates available to you.


Proposal & Solution

Our energy experts will ask deeper questions to understand your solar goals and what is most important to you. We will also review your previous use of services and rates.


Design & Engineering

To ensure our engineers develop a solution that will meet your needs and optimize your savings, we survey your home.


Service Installation

When it comes to navigating municipal approvals and construction applications, we're professionals. You will soon have access to the sun's power.


Enjoy Your New System!

Congratulations, you've gone solar! Just a quick inspection from the city and local utilities provider, and it's time to "flip the switch"!